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Kane County Green Party

This is the official site of the Kane Greens, the Kane County local of the Illinois Green Party.

Next Meeting??

 Kane County Greens are currently not active.  Click here for information.

Kane Greens guiding policy

Our mission is to work towards fairness and social cooperation in an informed community fostering environmental protection, respect for diversity, responsible corporate behavior, responsible taxation and spending, and peace through justice.

Think Green Party

Answer any of these questions...

Are you for a continuing war in Afghanistan and Iraq?

Do you agree that we should be able to attack countries such as Syria and Pakistan in search of terrorists?

Are you in favor of attacking Iran because they are supposedly trying to secure Weapons of Mass Destruction?

Do you think our nation is doing all it can to prevent global warming or preserve our resources?

Were you in favor of the Wall Street bailout?

Do you think the health care insurance companies are "in your corner" and support you 100%?

Is Illinois government working well for its citizens?

If you answered "NO" to any of these questions, why are you considering more of the same from the Democrats and Republicans?

Consider all your options.  It is your right as an American citizen.  It is your reponsiblity as an American citizen. 

Vote for your hopes, not your fears...

Vote Green!

Like Minded People

 Fox Valley Citizens for Peace & Justice will meet at 9AM on the first Saturday of the month at the Highland Avenue Church of the Brethren 783 W Highland Avenue in Elgin. For directions or questions call 847-742-6602.

Elgin Climate Change Organization "...our mission is to explore personal values and habits as they relate to climate change.  To understand the history & science of global warming.  To empower individuals to take action to curb global warming."

Fox Valley Electric Auto Association: "We promote efficient and clean electric vehicle use and educate the public on these issues. We help our members to become electric vehicle drivers."   

Weston A. Price Group in Elgin: "...we venture on this journey of overcoming the pitfalls of our current standard American food chain."

Geneva Green Market: Locally grown food.

Erewhon Farms: Community supported agriculture in Geneva.

Health Care for All Illinois: "...a statewide coalition advocating a single-payer health system to guarantee access to comprehensive, equal health care for all Illinoisians."

Northern Illinois Food Bank:  This highly rated charity provides food to food banks in all the counties surrounding Cook County. "Learn more about the efforts of Northern Illinois Food Bank and its mission to provide nutritious food to all those in need through its own efforts and those of its nonprofit partners."


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US Green Party

Like more info on Kane Greens? 

Email Bob at

What do Greens believe in?  Click here.

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